5 Worth Trying Essential Oils For Earaches

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Have you updated the news about a woman’s death in Australia because of the ear infection? When I read the news and comments below the news, I was shocked by the story of numerous people were suffered from this ear infection or earaches. They are of all age, from teenager to the age of the pregnancy. The important thing is, when they were having the symptoms of an earache, they ignored it and let it recover by itself so that I decided to write this article for people who are having or desiring to have information about this phenomenon.
This article is talking about the essential oils which can heal an earache. Essential oils are things you might not know when they have significant benefits of curing and preventing the problems from the 1st page.

What is an earache?

Earache is the situation when something is throbbing inside your ear. It causes a shield preventing you from hearing precisely, and it hurts sometimes. People call earaches with a more scientific name is an ear infection, this phrase sounds more serious than earaches term, right?
Before going any further, you should know the structure of our ears. Both ears have the same structure which consists of 3 different part: the outer, middle and inner ear. All the things that you can see are the outer ear, go along the ear canal, you meet tympanic membrane is the edge of the outer ear. The middle ear begins in the tympanic membrane and tympanic cavity. Besides, the middle ear includes some other intricate parts. Last but not least, the inner part will have the function to connect ear to the nervous system which are cochlear and Eustachian tubes.
Normally, people will hear a noise; then the ear will bring that noise to the brain which can make it clear to people can distinguish the different sounds. However, when any part of the ear can cause difficulties in hearing, listening, it means one or more of these parts are being invaded by bacteria, fungus, or virus. The common symptoms will be unpleasant moments such as swelling, discomfort, redness. If the situation becomes worse, the hearing ability will lose in the ear that has problems.

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How to heal this problem?

The extreme level will depend on which part of the ear is affected. For example, once outer ears are infected, it does hurt. However, painful in outer ear is indeed popular because it is caused by daily activities relating to water such as: remained water after swimming, showering. In contrast, the middle and the inner ear, which are affected by bacteria or virus, can be less painful but they do more chronic side effect. Because these locations are profoundly hard to witness by normal eyesight and difficult to discover the problems from the beginning. 2 kinds of infection will be treated by modern technique, however, there is a way to heal earaches by using traditional natural creatures that are essential oils.
Usually, we will use essential oils directly. We can use a medium ball of cotton which was dropped 4-5 oil drops to put in the ear hole quickly. But, you must not drop too many oils so that it can leak into ears which will alleviate the situation. Then, the information below can help you find some beneficial treatments.

  1. Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil has been believed to be a panacea to various health problems from mental to physical ones. Ear infection can also be healed by this vigorous oil. Having earache, you might find it eminently difficult to ease the pain. However, lavender can take this.

It can reduce the pain and also the infection due to its function of promoting blood circulation. Because there is enough blood to any part of the body, there will get much better immunity which can fight against the bacteria or viruses wanting to make an invasion in our sensitive status. In addition, lavender essential oil can boost the healing process ad ease the irritation once.

  1. Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil has some active medical elements which can support the earache healing process and prevent yourself from being affected again. Scientists confirmed that tea tree and its essential oil have terpinene-4-ol which can ravage bacteria and its connection to other problems. For that reason, tea tree essential oil is much better than other antibacterial agents. Besides, it also minimizes the painful feeling which caused by swelling.

  1. Thyme essential oil

Thyme is tiny, but its benefits are much huger than it looks. Thyme and its essential oil have 75% is vitamin C which can boost the immunity. Besides, it is a vast repository of other vitamin, metals, and minerals which are necessary for our body such as vitamin A, fiber, manganese, iron. All of these can prevent some bacteria, fungus, viruses that can cause more dangerous consequence to your ear particularly. An active compound thymol is useful for strengthening the recovery process. Therefore, people would consider about this traditional herb.

  1. Garlic and mullein oil

Garlic is a natural healer; you might come across garlic everywhere from being an ingredient for a meal to being in treatment. If you can combine mullein and garlic essential oil as a mixture, you can get the best and the fastest result. Because both of these essential oils have the antibacterial properties with the large amount, therefore, the mixture must be on the top of this list due to its advantage. Last but not least, this consolidation can bolster the healing process by providing precise nutrition for the typical situation because it contains saponins, tannins, glycosides, vitamin C, folate.

  1. Basil essential oil

Having the same functions as tea tree, basil essential oil can heal the infection inside ear which is the middle ear, according to an animal study in 2005. Researchers confirmed that basil essential oil could ravage bacteria existing in rats’ ears which are similar to human.

Not only killing bacteria and other risks, but basil essential oil also helps to provoke the healing process and ease the uncomfortable status inside your ears.