Can you lose weight just by walking?

Walking is perhaps the most painless and proven way to lose weight. It’s home-based weight loss, no need to buy equipment, and is completely natural. But that doesn’t mean it’s a magical solution to body fat! In fact, if you’re planning to lose weight by walking and walking only, you’re aiming at two hours of brisk walking per day for losing a pound a week.

That being said, walking is a perfect cardio workout for your usual weight loss plan. It’s the best physical activity for people willing to lose weight.

Can you lose weight just by walking

  1. How to brisk walking

Brisk walking isn’t as simple as it seems. Most of us walk in an unproductive manner. However, walking upright and with a pace is extremely good for maintaining your health. If gives your muscles and whole body flexible and relaxed. All this helps in controlling your weight.

  1. Limits of walking for weight loss

I would like to reemphasize that walking is not a sure-shot solution for weight loss. You’ll start feeling difference in your flexibility and stamina in a couple weeks. It’ll take perhaps around a month to see considerable changes in your body shape. However, the results won’t be as fast and as pronounced as with other weight loss techniques.

Walking is good for patient people. If you want faster and better results, combine walking with other techniques and a healthy diet (cut down on fats and carbohydrate food). For even better results, do constant gym workouts.

Running and swimming beat walking any day of the week. They’re more advanced, more demanding, but much more rewarding. Check the articles “Is Running Good for Weight Loss” and “Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss” for learning about them.

  1. What makes running supreme for weight loss

I would like to make clear that walking is a steady, completely painless method that becomes fully effortless after a month or so.

  • you don’t need to buy any equipment
  • you catch up with your buddies and family
  • walking is a fully fun exercise
  • no time limits
  • breathing in fresh air is always good for you
  • a ton of other health benefits besides weight loss
  • effortless, painless, flexible, and home-based
  • walking will become your hobby after a while
  • gives you better stamina and muscles

This way, walking beats other cardio exercises. Not all people love gym workout or cutting down heavily on their diet. Walking is a sweet hobby for them and all of us.