Eating Smarter to Lose Weight Quickly

Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult, if you follow the right diet. Knowing what and what not to put into your mouth plays a huge role in whether or not you will see a difference at the scale come weigh in time. In order to lose weight consistently and quickly, you must do four things. I did these four things and I lost a whopping 40 pounds in just two months. You can too.

lost a whopping 40 pounds in just two months

  1. Make up your mind you want to lose the weight permanently

You have to realize from the beginning that no food, no diet will help you lose weight if you are not determined to stick to it. This means no cheating, no excuses and no turning back once you start this journey that will not only improve your life, but it will drastically change your weight in a short amount of time. Don’t just decide to lose weight and then go back to your old ways. Decide to lose weight permanently by completely changing your lifestyle.

Make up your mind you want to lose the weight permanently

  1. Be Ready For a Complete Lifestyle Change, Not a Temporary Fix

Losing weight fast can happen very easily IF you adopt the lifestyle that it takes to make it happen. Don’t fall for fads that promise overnight results. Use this plan to jumpstart your weight loss and continue a healthy lifestyle from now on. Let me give you one example. I gave up soft drinks and lost 25 pounds in one month. I was drinking half of my calories. This is just one example of the kind of lifestyle changes you must do to lose weight quickly and permanently.

Lifestyle change to lose weight

  1. Get Rid Of All Those Bad Foods Lurking Around to Sabotage You

Before we talk about the foods you need, we must address what you must do before you buy them. Clean out your pantry. Clean out your fridge. Get rid of the foods that you know are sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Remember your commitments to step one and two already. Throwing out all the bad things makes room for the good. With that good can come faster weight loss. I didn’t begin to lose any extra weight until I did a full overhaul of my kitchen. Losing weight for me was more about what I had to give up than what I had to learn. Changing my eating habits honestly dropped pounds off me naturally.

Bad Foods Lurking Around to Sabotage You

  1. Fill Your Pantry and Your Fridge with Healthy Foods

  • Grapefruit Activates Fat Burning Hormones

If you haven’t been shopping for grapefruit, put it on your list for your next grocery trip. Researchers have proven consistently that grapefruit will help suppress your appetite and help you lose weight more quickly. It will help you stay full for longer periods of time. Researchers conducted a study with obese individuals who ate grapefruit before every meal for a 12 week period. At the end of this time, these participants had lost a whopping 3.5 pounds just from eating grapefruit before a meal. Grapefruit juice is an excellent drink to supplement that afternoon soft drink.

Grapefruit Activates Fat Burning Hormones

  • Legumes Attack Belly Fat

Studies have shown that certain legumes actually attack belly fat. Legumes contain both protein and fiber. This is a double whammy against belly fat. Make sure you get at least 30 grams of fiber each day in order to really see the difference in weight loss around the middle. Soybeans have 31 grams of fiber. They are an excellent choice if you aren’t sure where to start.

Legumes Attack Belly Fat

  • Apples Restrict Amount of Fat Cells Can Absorb

Did you know that apples can actually help limit the amount of fat that your cells can absorb? This is because apples are high in pectin and they bind with water. Once this happens, the amount of fat your cells can absorb is restricted. Leave the peel on, too. This gives you more nutrients.

Apples Restrict Amount of Fat Cells Can Absorb

  • Hot Peppers Speeds Up Ab Fat Loss

Jalapenos, habaneros, and chipotles are not only good to spice up your food, but they are also good to combat stubborn belly fat. That’s because they contain capsaicin. Capsaicin converts food to energy which will in turn rev up the process of losing abdominal fat much faster.

Hot Peppers Speeds Up Ab Fat Loss

  • Almonds Burn Fat Naturally

A research study conducted among obese adults found that those who ate about ¼ cup of almonds daily lost more weight than those who didn’t. That’s because almonds are loaded in protein which helps you stay fuller longer. Almonds also include B vitamins riboflavin, biotin and niacin, which aid in faster weight loss because of the energy they help to produce. Any time we have more energy, we will burn more calories.

Almonds Burn Fat Naturally

  • Yogurt (Vitamin D Fortified) Doubles Chances of Weight Loss

Studies have found that people who add vitamin D and calcium to their diets lose two times the weight of their counterparts that do not. Yogurt also helps aid in digestion. Stay away from any yogurt that is fat free. Full fat yogurt is best to consume.

Yogurt (Vitamin D Fortified) Doubles Chances of Weight Loss

  • Green Tea Can Aid in Faster Weight Loss

The Journal of Nutrition published a study that found drinking four to five cups of green tea each day along with 25 minutes of exercise, can aid in faster weight loss than in those who do not drink the tea, Green tea is filled with antioxidants and nutrients. It too helps go for the belly fat, which is where most of us want to lose our weight.

Green Tea Can Aid in Faster Weight Loss

  • Mushrooms Satisfy Your Appetite

Mushrooms are full of fiber and protein which will help you remain full for a longer period of time. They are lower in calories and contain a host of other nutrients as well. Calorie count is huge when trying to lose weight, so mushrooms are the perfect addition without the worry of added fat. Eat them cooked for more nutrients.

Mushrooms Satisfy Your Appetite

  • Oat Bran Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

Oat bran is a fiber-rich food that helps regulate blood sugar levels which helps control hunger. Adding more of this to your diet at breakfast or with snacks is very important because the key is to consume foods that will work with your body to keep you satisfied, not send you into sugar cravings or hunger pangs. Staying satisfied aids in faster weight loss. Watch sugar content in some of the oat bran bars, however. That can sabotage what you are trying to accomplish.

Oat Bran Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

  • Avocado and Olive Oil

Penn State researchers found that just three tablespoons of avocado oil a day reduced belly fat by 2 percent in just one month. Studies have found that consuming olive oil yields almost identical results. Get rid of vegetable and other oils and replace them with these for healthier meals.

Avocado and Olive Oil to lose weight

Now, you are ready to get started working toward a healthier, slimmer you. Incorporate all of these foods into your new diet. Cook with them. Eat them as snacks. Take them to work, or whenever. You know you can do it. Knowledge is power. Get to know these foods and everything that they can do for you. I promise you will not be disappointed and when you step on the scale, you will see dramatic results. Weight loss comes from eating smart. Quicker weight loss from eating smarter.