Myths about Weight Loss

weight loss myths debunked

Weight loss is a weighty subject and very many people are interested in finding out how they can lose weight. Unfortunately, there are many myths out there about weight loss and many people endanger their health by believing these myths. Debunked below are some common weight loss myths out there.

  1. There is a quick fix method or supplement

It is actually not true that there is a quick fix method to weight loss. Many dietary supplementary drug marketers will promise a quick-fix solution to your weight problem which is a lie. Many of these supplementary drugs will only have a short term positive effect but research has shown that some of them do have negative effect on your health. Before going for any supplementary drugs it is important to discuss your weight and health issues with your health care advisor.

  1. Avoid carbs at all costs

Carbohydrates are very essential in any balanced diet. Carbohydrates are generally divided into two categories – good and bad. The secret for weight loss is to avoid the bad carbohydrates and eat the good carbohydrates. These good carbohydrates are composed of basic sugars which are easy to digest and are a very important source of energy. These sugars are naturally occurring in fruits and milk. When trying to lose weight, you should avoid highly processed foods as they contain the bad carbohydrates that are detrimental to your weight loss endeavor.

  1. You have to starve yourself to lose weight

When you starve yourself, you get hungry and become irritable, frustrated and you will ultimately go back to eating unhealthy food. When you skip meals, you tend to eat more next time round. The remedy to this is eating healthy other than starving yourself.

  1. You can only lose weight by exercising

Exercise is very important as it helps in burning calories thus helping in weight loss but exercise on its own is not enough! Weight loss can only be achieved if the calories that have been burned during exercise are not replaced by eating food with high calorie count. Weight loss is only achieved if the diet that we take contains less calories so as not to replace the lost ones during exercise.

  1. Do not eat meat

A vegetarian can also become overweight if they eat starchy vegetables and certain high calorie fruits. Research has shown that vegetarians are at a risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and bone fractures due to lack of calcium, protein zinc and other essential vitamins. Not eating a balanced diet is what causes people to be fat.

  1. Do not follow your progress by weighing yourself

You can only know how much weight you are losing if you continually weight yourself and record your progress. It is usually disheartening for many people who are struggling to lose weight when they see their weight going up instead of going down. This is normal as periodic weight increase can be caused by certain factors like menstrual cycle in women that cause hormonal imbalances, prescription pills stress and depression. The best thing is to take your weight measurement at least once a week and see your progress. Ideally over a period of one month your weight should be decreasing.

  1. Healthy food is expensive

Most people with poor eating habits use this excuse for their bad eating habits. The issue is that people have nowadays become lazy and do not want to prepare their own foods but opt for fast foods. It is interesting to realize that the cost of preparing healthy food is actually cheaper than buying the same healthy foods from outlets. The accessibility, increase in availability and marketing of cheap junk food has made it easier to choose unhealthy food which are high in fat, sugar, and salt.

  1. Avoid breakfast

Does avoiding breakfast really help in weight loss? A recent study has shown that regardless of whether a person takes breakfast or not a healthy lifestyle in general is a big factor in weight loss. People who avoid smoking, eat a lot of vegetables and manage their stress are generally healthier.


As you can see from the above article, there are many myths that are generally held to be true but they are not. Furthermore marketers have realized that people are desperate to lose weight and use this desperation to make sales often with detrimental consequences to unsuspecting consumers. The best course of action is to make your own weight loss plan in an informed manner.