Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Post-pregnancy weight loss is tough. However, there are countless real life examples to confirm that it can be done with a little of dedication and time.

methods for loss weight after pregnancy

  1. Pre-pregnancy mistakes

Now that you have a baby after a patient, long nine months – your life has become happier and tougher than before. However, the first mistake most women do is before delivery. They think the more they eat the better for their child. It’s certainly not true.

While pregnant, a woman has to actively participate in daily chores. She also has to maintain a proper diet. Nutrients are especially necessary. Piling up on excessive fat doesn’t take you anywhere.

  1. What should you eat after pregnancy

Generally, post pregnancy eating habits don’t have to change much. You can return to your usual lifestyle that you had before conceiving. However, you have to be strict if you want to control your weight post pregnancy. For the initial months after your delivery, try plain food that has low quantities of oil and saturated fat.

Eating tasteless food isn’t recommended however that’s a good bet if you’ve put up a lot of weight and are finding it difficult to trim down.

  • Make sure you end your stint with “extra food” that you took while pregnant. It is very important. Unless you pick healthier choices, you cannot imagine getting any slimmer.
  • Post pregnancy, your body is genetically engineered towards breastfeeding. Breastfeeding cuts down on your body fat because you’re consuming the fat you’ve gathered over the past few months.
  • Colorful fruits, green leafy vegetables, and eggs for protein should be prioritized over meat. Avoid starchy and oily food.
  • Fiber is very important. Oatmeal, cereals, wheat, popcorn are very good for post-pregnancy. Products designed for women after pregnancy could be a great beginning point. You’ll soon understand your needs.
  • Keeping your bones strong is equally important. Milk and yogurt can help you with that. Two glasses of milk a day is advised for a new mother.
  • If you feel unnecessarily hungry, try to stock more on fibrous food and fruits. Although it’s recommended to not starve yourself, but you shouldn’t start eating each time you feel hungry. The best thing I can recommend is mango in the summer. It’s loaded with fibers that help you in digestion, and make your hunger outbursts scarce. Also drink plenty of water to cover up for hunger. Nothing more than a well-balanced and nutritious diet shall be permitted.

  1. What should be exercise after pregnancy

  • Do not immediately start heavy exercises or gym workouts. Your body produces relaxin, a hormone that does the job of relaxing (duh) your bones and joints. That’s why your joints are weak after delivery. If you put up too much load on them, it can be bad.
  • Daily exercise is not necessary. A few days a week will do.
  • Walking and swimming are good to begin with.
  • Sleep for long sessions and pick up on some strength exercises. You can also move on to some light aerobic or cardio workouts when you’re comfortable.
  • Never strain yourself. Heart rate should be kept moderate. Never reach the point where you start having difficulty in breathing or talking while exercising.methods weight loss after pregnancy bodybuilding workout