Weight Loss over a Fruit Diet!

Weight loss, is it possible by fruit diets? Some would say no. They think that the only way to lose some pounds is to go through rigorous exercises, starve your body day in and day out, and cut down on almost all the food and just drink water. But that’s not a natural way to lose weight. That’s a self-destructive way.

When you think of weight loss, think home remedies. Nothing beats home based treatments. They might take longer time, but if you have enough dedication – you can do it.

So, how to lose weight with fruit diets? Well, there are plenty of exciting and proven ways! Just go through this article and you’ll learn how you can painlessly cut down on your excessive fat without the need to upset the balance of your daily life.

Burn Fat And Weight Loss over a Fruit Diet


  1. Fibers and how they help

Fruit science is fairly easy to gulp down. Fruits are super-loaded with lots of fibers. Inevitably, they inherit a lot of nutritious content. But that’s not what makes fruits so good for practicing weight loss.

Essentially, we eat because we feel hungry. Fibers actually ease out our digestive system and they take longer time to digest themselves. This gives a pronounced feeling of satiety.

Eating more fibers (and fruits are high in water content too, which just makes it al
l the better) in your daily food intake means you eat less but get the same or more nutrition.

  1. How to be fiber-savvy

The importance of fibers in your diet is why you should start doing some simple changes in your daily life:

  • For short food breaks, keep fruits as an alternative. I still remember taking apples to the college – I just popped in an apple whenever the class wasn’t on. By the end my second semester (one year), I didn’t find the need to eat every once a while. And by the time I graduated, had the ideal body any girl would want. So always have some fruits in workplace, your bag, all rooms, and your car. Eat them whenever you’re hungry.
  • Take lesser quantity of food, and supply the additional requirement by a fantastic salad.
  • Grapes, guavas, oranges, are all-time great foods but don’t overlook the brilliant power of seasonal foods like watermelons and mangoes.

So, whether you’re going to substitute your snacks with food or add salad as a bigger percentage of your food by shifting aside other things – you’re on the right track to losing weight. Just keep it up and don’t be demotivated. Good things come when we wait for them.

  1. Low fat content

Fruits have low fat content. So eating fruits is not about collecting lots of calories. You can eat as much fruits as you want. I’ve never heard any doctor say “Oh, don’t eat that many fruits!”

Eating excessive of anything has its problems. From meat, bread, protein-rich eggs, and milk to fast food, carbohydrates, sugar, and salt – you name it. Everything has bad implications on overdose that can be extremely threatening at times. But fruits could be taken as much as you desire.

Due to their low fat content, fruits are a superfood for weight control. And that’s how switching over to a fruit diet helps you lose weight.

If you want to feel full, trade a bulky part of your whole food volume with fruits. You’ll start seeing results within a couple weeks. Spruce that up with brisk walking two times a day and you got a healthier and slimmer you.

  1. Not all fruits are equally good though

All the foods are suitable as a part of a weight loss plan. Avocados, for example, are high in fat. Sweetcorn and carrots contain a relatively higher amount of calories. Bananas too are high in calories.

Although these fruits are not really unhealthy even in moderate quantities, problems can arise if you take a large amount of artificially-sweetened processed food. Too much of that and you’re going to get fat.

Fruit juices are not recommended as part of a weight loss program either. Eat whole, solid fruits. Choose from a large variety. The more color you eat, the more nutrition you get because in fruit science, color means the difference.

  1. Recommended servings for weight loss

So what counts as a good serving? Well, before knowing that let’s look how can these servings actually help in weight loss?

First off, try to depend more on these servings and decrease the percentage of other food in your daily consumption for a lower amount of calorie and fat intake. Slowly, you can switch to fruit-only eating habits for at least one time – probably breakfast.

Here are some recommended servings: two pieces of medium fruits (apples, oranges), four or five pieces of small fruits like dried apricots or plums, or a large slice of big fruits (pineapple, watermelon). Avoid eating too much avocados or dried fruits. Dried fruits like raisins are high on calories.