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Weight Loss Cutting Fats or Cutting Carbs?

It is debated what is more effective for weight loss: low fat diets low carbohydrate diets. When a large scale study from Tulane University suggested that low carbs are the way to go, many people started to trash extra carbs from their diet. However, the results were debated themselves. There was another study designed for

Can Stress Cause Weight Loss?

Stress is very harmful for your overall health. It is also known to be a major reason behind rapid weight loss. But how much of it is true? Does stress causes weight loss or is it just a myth? Can it cause weight gain? Let’s have a look. Depression, stress, and weight loss First you

Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Post-pregnancy weight loss is tough. However, there are countless real life examples to confirm that it can be done with a little of dedication and time. Pre-pregnancy mistakes Now that you have a baby after a patient, long nine months – your life has become happier and tougher than before. However, the first mistake most

7 Kinds Of Home Based Weight Loss Ideas

Who doesn’t want home remedies for weight loss? After a lot of mechanisms to lose weight including pills, treatments, vigorous diet plans, and gym workouts, you figure out that all you need is a few steps of home based weight loss. After analyzing trends and tracking home based weight loss data, we could find a

Weight Loss over a Fruit Diet!

Weight loss, is it possible by fruit diets? Some would say no. They think that the only way to lose some pounds is to go through rigorous exercises, starve your body day in and day out, and cut down on almost all the food and just drink water. But that’s not a natural way to